Business lessons from five fictional superhero characters

In the words of the American spiritual teacher, author, and philosopher, Vernon Howard, “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.” As a startup owner, with a learner’s mindset, you can get life and business insights even from the least expected spaces. Below we highlight a few lessons from the popular fictional superhero characters which you can apply to your business. 


1. Superman: Know your strengths and weaknesses 

DC Comics’ Superman is known to have multiple superhuman abilities, including incredible strength and impervious skin. Even though he knows he can win his battles, he constantly reminds himself of his weakness to Kryptonite. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses allows you to figure out the best way to operate for efficiency and desired outcomes. In addition to that, it helps you to prepare for emergencies and to turn weakness into an advantage thereby thriving in your businesses. 


2. Iron man: Be innovative

Although he has no notable superhuman abilities, Iron Man’s aptitude for technology coupled with wealth and ambition made his work easier. He embraced technology and invented his own protection in the form of an exoskeleton for shields and the extraordinary ability to fly. He was up to date with technology and the benefits of artificial intelligence to support his mission to save the world. Coming back to the business perspective, innovative and new ways of doing things win all the way. Unique selling points are essential for a startup to be able to break into the market with a competitive advantage.


3. Batman: Establish a network 

The importance of building a network can never be stressed enough for a startup business to be successful. Who better to learn from the superheroes list if not the charismatic Gotham City millionaire Bruce Wayne. Networking generally requires a huge investment of time and energy, which can be draining for a superhero who fights crime after dark. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the team dynamics of the Fantastic Four. Networking can open doors for startups and entrepreneurs to access new markets, business partners, clients, and marketing initiatives.  It can also help you get an edge over your competitors


4. Wolverine: Always get back after you fall

All the X-men characters teach us to have an appreciation of the individual self and to find a way to push against adversity. Wolverine, portrayed as angst and emotionally damaged, has a lot to teach the business world. One of the lessons is to put yourself back together even after the most dangerous fight. To make it, one must learn to regroup, learn from mistakes and fight again after every failure. 


5. Fantastic Four: Teamwork 

As said by Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Startup owners can team dynamics from the Fantastic Four intrepid space explorers.  

They bring their efforts and strengths together despite personality clashes. Although the members have weaknesses too, they get diluted by the team efforts which enhance the efforts towards success. Working with different personalities is a business reality, but a good leader knows how to turn the weaknesses of individual team members into an advantage for the team. Knowing how to motivate and reward your team, as well as diffusing tensions and managing conflicts is a true skill.


All the above fictional superhero characters have had different circumstances and life situations that influence their character and way of life. Learning from others can help you make choices about how you interact with your network and make things work in your business. Contact us to be part of our network of entrepreneurs. intrapreneurs and innovators that we house at Eight2Five Innovation Hub.

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