7 tips to help maintain productivity during winter.

Cold weather often makes you less active, more tired than usual, or unmotivated to work. Spike up your productivity this winter with these few tips. They can be just what you need to shed some light on the winter blues and get big wins for your business.

Be organised 

It goes without saying that your environment affects how you do your work and in turn your productivity and efficiency. A study published in 2000 through the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that “an employee’s physical work environment (and how tidy it is) can affect their performance and well being.” Keeping a tidy environment can help you get things faster during cold days when you are less in the working mood. It is always important  to ensure a comfortable working space with the right temperature for your well-being.

Take breaks 

A study done by the University of Illinois found that short breaks for a few minutes can help one to reset their mind and regain focus. A break can seem like a luxury when you have workloads especially with the short days in winter but all work and no play is said to make ‘Jack’ a dull boy. Another study from 2018 ( by DeskTime) showed that the employees with the highest productivity had actually worked shorter hours due to taking 17-minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work. Taking some time to breathe can be the recipe you need to be productive. It can be a walk, a chat with someone or however you find peace in your life. 

Increase your water intake 

Research, including the 2011 study published in The Journal of Nutrition have shown that lack of water in your system can affect your mood and efficiency. Never underestimate the power of hydration, drinking  more water can get you energised and help you stay awake on your desk through both the cold boring days and the hot summer days. 


Take some time to socialise 

Socialisation can help you get active as you brush shoulders with some good vibes. Working in a cold silo can be depressing at times with no smiles and no chats to ease up the load. A study on the impact of socialization on productivity by  MIT in 2008, found that the most social workers were also the most productive. This gives power to co-working  spaces where one can have a pool of coworkers even as a solopreneur. 

Challenge yourself with new tasks

Routines have their own benefits but doing the same tasks over and over can have a big impact on your overall mood and productivity levels. This is especially true  in winter  as most people tend to have a dull mood easily. It wouldn’t hurt to spice things up and find new ways to do what you do better. Setting targets for yourself and identifying more spaces you can take up can motivate you to do more. 

Start your day early 

Winter is known for cold and short days, which translates to less time to get the job done. Starting your days early gives you ample time  to organise yourself and work on the day’s task. This is necessary especially now with the Zimbabwean lockdown  restrictions on business hours. Setting  daily  and hourly  tasks can also help maximise on the days.

Get enough sleep

Just like taking  breaks, getting  enough sleep is important to stay in your A game. As much as it is tempting to cut your night’s sleep short to meet  deadlines, that might not be as profitable  as it seems. The human body needs enough rest to be able  to function properly. Couple adequate  sleep with healthy eating  to stay healthy and active this winter for effective business progress.

In conclusion, people  thrive in different seasons and environments and one must understand their own circumstances for success. For individuals who struggle making  progress through the cold and short days, staying healthy, starting your day early, maintaining order and getting enough  rest as explained  above can help you increase  productivity. Eight2Five offers the perfect space to take your business away from home to a healthy environment where you can challenge  yourself and make your dreams come true. Register to become  a part of our thriving  community and set yourself up with productivity.

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