Eight2Five’s commitment to promoting education

World Education Day is an annual international observance day held on January 24 and is dedicated to education. This was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in celebration of the role of education in peace and development. Education is recognised as a human right, a public good, and a public responsibility. Equitable and inclusive quality education provides lifelong opportunities for all countries to succeed in breaking the cycle of poverty that is leaving millions of children, youth, and adults behind. As we commemorate World Education Day this year, we highlight the Eight2Five Innovation Hub’s commitment to promoting education and innovation in Zimbabwe. Read through to explore the work we are doing to support learning and education through masterclasses and incubation workshops, focus sessions, startup meetup sessions, and more.


Focus sessions

The impact of these Focus Sessions on the startup community has been significant. Over 60 entrepreneurs have attended these sessions and applied the lessons they learned to their own businesses, leading to impressive growth and success. For instance, one creative startup reported a remarkable 10% increase in revenue after implementing the pricing strategies they learned in one of the Focus Sessions. This demonstrates the practical value and immediate impact that these sessions can have on startups.


Incubation workshops

The hub fosters the development of early-stage companies and start-ups by providing mentoring, workspace, funding, and networked services designed to accelerate their success. During the incubation workshops, startups get a chance to be trained and receive practical tools on topics such as business models, design thinking, pitching, and more depending on their specific needs. They also get guidance, and constructive feedback from mentors and end users respectively for product validity. Through its flagship program the Value Creation Challenge, startup entrepreneurs have been able to apply valuable tools and skills, scaling up their businesses, and contributing to employment and the livelihood of communities. 


Startup meetups

Eight2Five Innovation Hub facilitates knowledge exchange opportunities where entrepreneurs get an opportunity to learn from their local and international business heroes. Guests for the Startup Meetup Program are carefully selected from a pull of business leaders and influencers eager to network, share advice, discuss strategies, and exchange ideas with startup entrepreneurs. We have hosted masters in the fields of business, marketing, and finance. We have also given renowned entrepreneurs to join in and share how they overcame obstacles and succeeded in scaling their ventures. This has helped shape the path for startups facing hurdles in their journey. 


On World Education Day, let us celebrate the achievements and innovations of education, and also reflect on the opportunities ahead. By providing these and other similar opportunities and resources, Eight2Five Innovation Hub is contributing to the advancement of education and innovation in Zimbabwe, and aligning with the global goals of World Education Day. Eight2Five is focused on creating a modern, professional, and energetic work environment to stimulate the creativity and productivity of entrepreneurial businesses and their teams. To learn more about Eight2Five Innovation Hub and its programs, visit our website, follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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