Fostering Knowledge Exchange & Success at Eight2five: October Highlights

Last month, Eight2Five Innovation hub experienced an exciting period of growth and development as we actively promoted learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within our startup community. Through a series of engaging events, including monthly community meetings, focused sessions, masterclasses, and training sessions, we are consistently striving to foster growth and innovation. In this article, we will explore in detail the highlights of last month’s activities and initiatives, further emphasizing our commitment to nurturing a vibrant startup ecosystem.


Community Meetings 

Undoubtedly one of the most significant events of the month was the highly anticipated community meeting. Bringing together all our members, this gathering served as an open forum for the exchange of ideas, discussions on our hub’s goals, and addressing any concerns. Our community meetings have become an integral part of our culture, fostering a sense of unity where each member feels valued and heard. The meeting showcased the commitment of our members to collaborate towards the betterment of our community and provided valuable insights into the needs and aspirations of our startup ecosystem.


Focus Sessions 

Throughout the month, we had the privilege of hosting three informative focus sessions. Our first two sessions delved into topics of utmost relevance for startups – GIT and version control. These sessions provided participants with a deep understanding of effective version control strategies and GIT best practices. Empowering startups with this knowledge enables them to streamline their development processes and enhance their collaboration capabilities.


The third focus session focused on tax compliance for startups and small businesses. With our hub members startup Eland Bull Consultancy sharing valuable insights into tax regulations and compliance requirements, our community had the opportunity to gain clarity and develop effective tax strategies. Building a strong foundation in compliance is crucial for the long-term success of any startup, and this session aimed to equip our members with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate these complexities.


Masterclasses and Training 

Knowledge sharing among our members was further amplified through masterclasses and training sessions offered by our talented community members. One standout masterclass was conducted by Liberty, a prominent hub member under Cass Saddle Asset Management, on excel automation, data analysis, capstone systems, and more. This comprehensive session empowered participants with essential skills in automating repetitive tasks, manipulating data, and creating dynamic reports. These capabilities are invaluable for startups looking to optimize their operations and make data-driven decisions.


Another notable event was the graphic designing workshop hosted by Nashied Digital Boutique, yet another creative startup in our hub community. The workshop catered to aspiring graphic designers, providing them with hands-on training, expert guidance, and valuable insights into the field. Participants learned essential design principles, software skills, and industry trends that are vital for success in the highly visual and creative world of graphic design. Encouraging entrepreneurship and skill development in graphic design contributes to the overall growth of our startup community.


VCC Incubation Program 

We were delighted to host the top 10 startups of the Value Creation Challenge (VCC) Incubation Program for the second set of their intensive modules. These startups embarked on a journey of exploration, covering essential aspects such as demand analysis, cost structures, marketing strategies, and public relations. The intense modules provided our participants with the tools and knowledge required to develop sustainable business models and effectively market their products or services.


With only one set of modules remaining before the pitch session, these startups are close to realizing their business visions and bringing them to the market. Witnessing their progress and being a part of their entrepreneurial journey showcases the collaborative environment we strive to foster within our innovation hub.


The previous month was a testament to our dedication to knowledge exchange, collaboration, and growth within our innovation hub. Through community meetings, focused sessions, masterclasses, and training, we empower startups and cultivate a vibrant and supportive startup community. We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation, success, and creating limitless opportunities for all our members. Join us as we unlock the potential of startups, foster collaboration, and create an ecosystem ripe with possibilities.

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