Innovation on the Rise: Exploring the Value Creation Challenge Incubation Program

We recently had the privilege of being hosted by the UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe Her Excellency Melanie Robinson at a special induction event for the Top 10 Value Creation Challenge finalists.   The event brought together partners, finalists, and professionals from various businesses. The Value Creation Challenge (VCC) Incubation Program induction kick-started with the top ten finalists being introduced to an intensive three-month incubation program. This program aims to equip them with invaluable skills and knowledge in opportunity development, market analysis, team building, legal aspects, distribution, financing, and more. Let’s delve into the highlights of this event and explore what awaits the top ten finalists.


The ten finalists had an opportunity to explore the program for the upcoming three-month incubation program. Through the duration of the incubation, they will cover various aspects of business development such as opportunity identification and analysis, understanding market needs, team building, determining legal requirements, distribution strategies, cost and pricing strategies, creating and scaling company culture, financing and profitability, and ensuring consistency. Following the incubation, there will be a demo day to give them an opportunity to showcase their businesses before the final pitch. 


One of the standout features of the event was the opportunity for the top ten to interact and have conversations with the Value Creation Challenge partners’ representatives from Old Mutual Zimbabwe, The British Council, EFT Corporation, and the British Embassy. Her Excellency Ms. Robinson emphasized her belief in entrepreneurs as the driving force behind societal and economic growth. “Their ability to take people and countries to new heights is a testament to their tenacity and determination,” she said. 


During the event, participants and guests were taken through the Value Creation Challenge journey which highlighted previous success stories from the VCC, with notable examples being Nezox Brands and The Noble Savage.  Both startups have made remarkable strides in sustainability and have become shining examples of the value that can be created through innovative business ideas. These success stories serve as a tremendous inspiration for the finalists, showing them what can be achieved with the right approach and determination.


Through the programs, the finalists will also have the privilege to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience from industry professionals from ZIMOCO, Masawara, Pariah State, BMW SA, and more. Their guidance and mentorship will help the finalists navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship more effectively. The finalists were encouraged to consider ethical and responsible practices as they build their ventures toward positive futures. 


As they progress through this program, these entrepreneurs will undoubtedly gain the knowledge and support necessary to make their mark in the business world and drive positive change.

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