Here is why you should build a team for your startup.


It is easy for a startup company to be comfortable with becoming a one man band especially when cash is not flowing in at the desired rate. However, building a team at the earliest stage of the business is important and will help you to build a culture that lasts through. Hiring an employee who does not fit into your organization may ruin the company culture or influence one that does not resonate to the mission and values of the company. Here are three reasons why you need to start building a good team for your startup.


Adds complementary skills 

Founding a business doesn’t necessarily mean you should do everything by yourself. It is very rare for people to have all the skills necessary to handle the multiple aspects of a business. Therefore founders should be able to fill in the gaps with an experienced team. “No successful startup rests on the shoulders of an individual. It is the team that translates an entrepreneur’s dream into a reality.” Sanjay Shenoy


Culture establishment 

Building a team helps you to establish a work culture and determine the procedures and policies that work well for your startup even as it grows. The combination of the vision, mission, beliefs, values, and the natural personality of all the individuals involved forms the startups foundational beliefs which will flow in the business over time. 


Business continuity 

A one man startup will only go as far as the founder can go. Business continuity defines the ability of a company to maintain or quickly resume business functions after a major disruptive event. Having a team and a culture allows a startup to function beyond the presence and existence of the founder. 


It is very imperative for startup companies to hire the right fit of skilled employees to ensure efficiency and continuity. Making a bad call on hiring is likely to spite the importance of the workforce and cost the company big money (which startups do not have). Employees at startups often need to be flexible and have the ability to wear a lot of hats.


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