A glimpse into Eight2Five’s October events

Eight2Five Innovation Hub powered by Old Mutual has impacted over 12 000 entrepreneurs through training and programs, with the mission of providing an enabling environment for innovation and entrepreneurship for the startup and SME community. We’re excited to share some of the highlights from our October adventures here at Eight2Five. The hub has been a hive of activity, with new, exciting, and meticulously crafted programs attracting startup owners and entrepreneurs from various business and technology sectors. Masterclasses, Startup and Entrepreneur Meet-ups, and Ladies Mentorship are examples of such programs.

Strategy for Long-Term Profitability and Cash Flow

Profitability is one of the factors that determine a company’s long-term success. Assessing a company’s current and past profitability, as well as projecting future profitability, is critical for determining the necessary survival strategies.  We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Musekiwa Samuriwa, a Business Consultant with Dereflexion Consultants in October for a masterclass on profitability and cash flow management. He taught lessons on understanding customer needs, cost management, market positioning, and other aspects of business that will lead to profitability. We are excited about the second part of this masterclass, which will take place in November. Stay tuned for more information.

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The Future of Tech through equity financing

One of the most significant challenges that startup owners and entrepreneurs face is a lack of funding options. This frequently means that small businesses do not have the opportunity to scale up, and as a result, they face pressure from large corporations. That is why, in October, we invited Mr Christopher Melia, a Venture Capitalist with a keen interest in African tech startups, to a Startup and Entrepreneur MeetUp session. Chris is the founder and CEO of CMI Ventures in the United Kingdom, and he was looking forward to meeting interesting entrepreneurs for investment and connecting with his UK network. Young startup owners showed up in droves for the chance to learn about equity financing and how it would affect their stake in the company. Venture capitalists assist startups in making their dreams a reality. According to Christopher, opportunities exist for technology startups that have already entered the market and are ready to scale up.

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The Next Gen Women Mentorship

Throughout the year, there has been a call to encourage more women in leadership, technology, and other male-dominated fields. One of the reasons why young women avoid those roles is a lack of role models and mentors to guide them through the difficult process. The Eight2Five Innovation Hub encourages women and girls to pursue careers in innovation. We partnered with Woman Unlimited for a month of mentorship and empowerment as part of our Female Entrepreneurs Program, which encourages fearless trailblazing and ongoing reinvention in women. The program drew young women from a variety of fields, including technology, medicine, entertainment, retail, and engineering. We are confident that these young women have been inspired and empowered to be transformational leaders capable of taking on the world.

Ladies attending the mentorship bootcamp at Eight2Five in the event space
Ladies attending the mentorship bootcamp at Eight2Five in the event space

AWS user group launch

We ended the month on a high note. The Eight2Five Innovation Hub, powered by Old Mutual, launched a portal for the Zimbabwean Amazon Web Services (AWS) user community in collaboration with the AWS User Group Zimbabwe. The event drew a large number of registrations and was held in person at the Eight2Five Innovation Hub, as well as livestreamed on Zoom and the official Facebook page. The launch drew a large number of tech enthusiasts, who formed relationships for collaboration, skill sharing, and support. The platform’s release coincides with the increasing global adoption of AWS by startups, businesses, and developers.

Attendees of the AWS User Group - Zimbabwe Launch pose for a group photo after the event.
Attendees of the AWS User Group – Zimbabwe Launch pose for a group photo after the event

We encourage tech startup owners to take advantage of our activities designed to empower startup owners and entrepreneurs eager to find innovative solutions to the country’s economic challenges. Please follow Eight2Five Innovation Hub on all platforms to stay up to date on programs that could help your business.

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